Aftermarket Fuel Injection

Force Performance LLC has staff trained and certified in Accel DFI, Accel Thruster, and Comp Cams XFI aftermarket fuel injection systems. We have installed these systems in a variety of vehicles, and know what it takes to make a combination work! While it is easy to just go with a carburetor or a bolt-on self-configuring system, these tunable customized systems have what it takes to go the extra mile! What boost control? Control of multiple stages of nitrous? Boost control? Traction control? Data logging? Different tunes for street and strip? These systems have what it takes to make it happen, and Force Performance LLC has the training, talent, and experience to install and configure it for your automobile, truck, boat, ATV, bike, snowmobile…you name it, we can do it. And probably already have!

AccelECU XFI2_0pic XFIlogo

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