Injector Services

Why buy new injectors or send yours across the country to have them flowed, cleaned, or refurbished? Force Performance LLC has an ASNU flow and cleaning bench right here in the St. Louis metro area! ASNU is the industry leader in injector flow and cleaning equipment, and far outperforms cheaper machines coming from Asia.

All injector testing and cleaning is done under controlled and monitored environmental conditions, and with tested and calibrated fluids to insure valid, useful results. We can flow, clean, and service top feed, side feed, and multi-port (Vortec) injectors, as well as Bosch mechanical injectors. (Note that we can not service or test diesel or GDI (direct) injectors at this time.)

Force Performance LLC also maintains an inventory of popular OEM and aftermarket injectors cleaned, flowed, and ready for purchase. Just let us know what you need! If you are not local, we ship anywhere.



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